Two Awards for Stace at Zoute Grand Prix 2018

Zoute Grand Prix – 2018

Stace attended the Zoute Grand Prix 2018 from 5 till 7 October. 
Four classic Porsches were shown during the Concours d’Elégance:

  • Porsche 356 Pré-A Speedster from 1955 in the famous Speedster Bleu colour.
  • Porsche 356 Pré-A from 1950 in Adria Bleu.
  • Porsche 911 2.0S – SWB from 1966 in Silver metallic.
  • Porsche 911R, 2016 in GT-silver with green line.


Two Awards

Guess what? Two Stace classic cars won an award.

Celebration 70 years Porsche Award

The Porsche 356 Pré-A Speedster was granted the special award for the celebration of 70 years Porsche.

Most iconic car award

And the Porsche 356 Pré-A from 1950 was even rewarded the most iconic car of all the attending vehicles!

Of course, the whole team was delighted and proud of their work.


Zoute Grand Prix Rally

A fifth car was to admire during the Zoute Grand Prix Rally, Stephan & Brigitte Schrauwen attended with a Porsche 356 A speedster from 1956 in aqua marine.

The Zoute Grand Prix is a prestigeous classic car event of great importance, both for professionals as well as for fans.

At Stace, we are already looking forward to next years’ edition.


Most Iconic Car

Porsche 356 A speedster from 1956 in aqua marineMost Iconic Car Stace Classic Porsche 195070 Years Porsche Special Award Stace

Porsche 356 Pré-A speedster from 1955 Speedster Bleu Colour